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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.


Thank you for attention.

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ylilauta [27] >>
I needed to ask Finns something and went to their imageboard... What the hell is this cancer?
Couldn't even reply to Pole about kurwas in Thailand I've visited several times.

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The GLOBOHOMO USA JEWS want to enslave the world and put a GPS microchip with digital money in it, and if you don't obey USA they will turn off your chip, and you will not be able to buy anything. This is known as the "mark of the beast".

USA is trying to capture Ukraine. If USA capture Ukraine, putting military bases in it, all the money of Ukraine will go to USA.

Russia is not trying to enslave the world. Russia is not ruled by JEWS.

Russia is trying to capture Ukraine so USA don't capture it. Ukraine should become part of Russia again, so USA JEWS can start to fail.

You should help Russia, if you are a good person who wants FREEDOM for all the world.

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Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

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I don't want European brothers to fight.

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Anyone else find it odd that EuroMaidan and by extension the special military operation in Ukraine was started by an Afghan princeling who lived and studied in Moscow?

Both Ukraine and Russia are too peculiar to continue to exist in their current form.

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In Russia they talk a lot about the successes of the war, but where is the success? The declared plan for the fall of the capital of Ukraine did not materialize in a few days. Can we say that this war is already lost?

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Hey, snow niggers, you guys are welcome on the tropical counterpart of your country.
Don't worry about russophobia, people in Latam treat foreigns as gods, even when they are from shitholes too as long as they have blue eyes. From what I know Hohols refugees are already living under better than the average Brazilian and everyone pities them.

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Ukraine is the most corrupted shithole on Europe and will hopefully never become a part of the EU. And I feel sorry for the Ethnic Russians living there and facing racial hatred until 2014/this day.


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ошибка -4 постинг запрещен епта)

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Don't let globohomo imperialists fool you- the world does not consist of the US and Western Europe. People all over the world are happy to see you bravely fight against our oppressors. We are with you from all over the world and even here in the West many of us are with you but we are threatened and intimidated into being silent. May God grant victory to the Russian forces, may God protect the Russian armed forces and may God free us from this satanic global tyranny that the Western stooges wish to defend.

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Post a photo or Google Maps screenshot of your commieblock. Rate mine.

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Memes from your country about the war, only non-RUS.

- The Ukrainians want to talk with you.
- On the phone or via Skype?
- They are just outisde the doors.

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Поможет ли россия Сербии вернуть территорию?

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Russians, how do you feel about the millions of Mongols and Muslim headchoppers in your country and how do you feel about your government sending Mongols and Muslim headchoppers to kill fellow slavs?

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привет русский Anon. С этой стороны пшек polak. надеюсь, у вас все хорошо. специальная военная акция.

должен был, надеюсь, закончиться в полное уничтожение бандеровское государство.

prawdziwi Polacy z wami przeciwko banderowcom! Smert bandera!

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>you are a pretender regional power

>you invade neighbors

>this is bad for business

>world power invades you

>destroys you


>comes back and destroys you harder


>offers no explanation

>you become completely insignificant

What would a current day occupation of a pretender regional power look like?

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Did you know that there is a women-only board on this site?
Like lolcow.farm or crystal.cafe in English, but in Russian
Come in and ask 2cher female in the pin thread