My House by Chuck Roberts.webm4,9 Мб, webm,
320x240, 1:50
House music, The soul thing, Jack-Jack-Jack your body 1898721 В конец треда | Веб
In the beginning there was Jack ... and Jack had a groove
And from this groove came the grooves of all grooves
And while one day viciously throwing down on his box
Jack boldly declared "Let There Be House" and House music was born

"I am you see, I am the creator and this is my house
And in my house there is only House Music
But I am not so selfish because once you enter my house
it then becomes our house and our House Music
And, you see, no one man owns house
because House Music is a universal language
spoken and understood by all
You see, House is a feeling that no one can understand
really unless you're deep into the vibe of House
House is an uncontrollable desire to Jack your body
And as I told you before this is our House and our House Music
And every House you understand there is a keeper
And in this house the keeper is Jack
Now some of you might wonder who is Jack and what is it that Jack does
Jack is the one who gives you the power to Jack your body!
Jack is the one who gives you the power to do the snake!
Jack is the one who gives you the key to the wiggly worm!
Jack is the one who learns you how to whop your body!
Jack is the one that can bring nations and nations of all Jackers together under one house!
You may be black, you may be white, you may be Jew or Gentile.
It don't make a difference in our house. And this is fresh!"
housemusicsamples.jpg429 Кб, 2016x1344
2 1898725
Black Box - Ride on Time (1989).webm18 Мб, webm,
640x360, 4:22
3 1898728
House Music by Eddie Amador, Original mix.webm5,2 Мб, webm,
480x360, 6:00
4 1898731
CMYK · House Music Was Born.webm34,1 Мб, webm,
711x400, 4:20
5 1898766
6480968927.png260 Кб, 1000x1000
6 1898778
#House музыка для наркоманов, #хороший #студент не будет слушать западную заразу от неизвестных авторов. Студент, если он хочет получить #диплом, #должен слушать Кобзона, Газманова и других настоящих патриотов. Если студента, который хочет доучиться в #МВТУ, зовут в ночной клуб с электронной танцевальной музыкой с пластинок из стран вражеского #НАТО, с алкогольными напитками по ценам в десять раз выше государственных продуктовых магазинов и с наркотиками по ценам вообще недоступным ни одному приличному студенту, получающему стипендию, то студент, который хочет найти хорошую работу в будущем, незамедлительно категорически отказывается от подобных предложений пойти в #клуб. Послушный и работящий студент предпочитает соки, компоты, минеральные воды, песни вокально-инструментальных ансамблей "Песняры", "Земляне", "#Голубые береты" и других исполнителей Великого Отечества Нашего.
My House by Rhythm Controll, long version.mp48,9 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 8:36
7 1898781
Push The Feeling On by Nightcrawlers, the original 1992 version.mp43,5 Мб, mp4,
366x358, 3:26
8 1898796
Fond8 | Gipsy Woman | Re-Tides Disco Situation.mp417,2 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 5:54
9 1898798
10 1898801
>>898721 (OP)
братан, тред уже есть (М)
Excuse me mr. deejay by Let Hitz.mp46,7 Мб, mp4,
480x480, 4:03
11 1898835
4. Got To Get It (2Disco Remix).mp414,1 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 7:20
12 1898872
Woody Van Eyden 22Freaky Wings22 (Mix One).mp45,4 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 5:15
13 1898898
coco.mp488 Кб, mp4,
14 1898901
cock loop.mp464 Кб, mp4,
320x240, 0:03
15 1898902
coco loop.mp4119 Кб, mp4,
626x470, 0:03
16 1898904
CamelPhat  Elderbrook “Cola”.mp44,3 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 3:48
18 1898924
What it is by Triangle Orchestra, version three.mp44,7 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 4:05
19 1898930
a capella · the request · 95 North.mp45,9 Мб, mp4,
596x600, 5:43
21 1899007
Get Sexy by DJOKO.webm4,8 Мб, webm,
600x600, 6:00
22 1899080
Disco Days 22Dub Days22 (Cleveland City, 1995).mp412 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 5:43
23 1899103

> Рэп и R&B//Зарубежный рэп и хип-хоп

> Винтажная виниловая пластинка / LP

>>1898862 → >>1898973 →
ЛУП.mp4297 Кб, mp4,
1600x878, 0:07
25 1899139
mixkit-tech-house-vibes-130.mp43,4 Мб, mp4,
640x640, 1:42
26 1899143
Jack Your Body by Steve 22Silk22 Hurley, original mix, 1986.mp410,1 Мб, mp4,
600x598, 9:14
27 1899174
>>898721 (OP)

>House music, The soul thing, Jack-Jack-Jack your body

>Jack-Jack-Jack your body

Hungry For The Power by AZARI  iii, Jamie Jones Ridge Street Remix.mp47 Мб, mp4,
598x600, 6:45
28 1899203
 Silver by Gavinco on label Houseum, The For Js EP.mp46,8 Мб, mp4,
1200x1200, 5:22
29 1899210
30 1899250
Bass  Clap by V-Block, Nick Super Deep Mix.mp45,3 Мб, mp4,
500x440, 5:17
31 1899318
32 1899332
Тредик ещё жиф ?
Wavespeech by Pete Lazonby, Tilt Mainline Mix.mp412,7 Мб, mp4,
598x550, 12:20
33 1899337

I like the 2ch's player more than the youtube's one

plus I like the idea to keep this thread being self-contained

& sure I like promo records much more than releases
Maya by Adana Twins (TAU010, 2019).mp46,8 Мб, mp4,
594x598, 6:28
34 1899416
Diving Into Minds by Soichi Terada  Masalo, club mix.mp46,6 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 6:25
35 1899458
Pump It Up Homeboy from Jackmaster 3, 1988.mp44,8 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 4:15
36 1899513
All Across The Floor by Dj QU.mp48,8 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 8:06
37 1899602
my first 2ch mix by the anonymous.mp41,3 Мб, mp4,
550x550, 1:19
38 1899615
Dubnoise by Nick Curly.mp48,1 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:25
39 1899661
42 1899694

>Released on: 2023-02-24

and this is fresh
Woody van Eyden - Freaky Wings, Mix Two.mp46,3 Мб, mp4,
598x600, 6:12
43 1899852
Listen To Your Heartbeat by Precinct 13,0AClub Mix (Living Beat Records, 1990).mp46,7 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 6:15
44 1899855
Listen To Your Heartbeat by Precinct 13
Club Mix
(Living Beat Records, 1990)
What is House by Loosefingers.mp48 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:14
45 1899947
Die Vögel · The Chicken.mp410,6 Мб, mp4,
480x480, 8:35
46 1899953
nameme.png974 Кб, 1280x720
47 1899957

>And this is fresh!

9 views Mar 6, 2023
Robert Aaron - Sax In The Ozone, Main Club Mix.mp412,4 Мб, mp4,
480x480, 6:39
48 1899974
Winx · Dont Laugh, Live Raw Mix.mp46,8 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 5:55
49 1900190
Don't Laugh, Live Raw Mix
by Winx

from the neighbor house thread >>1900080 →
Anonym - Deep Ending from Flivvers Volume 1.mp45,8 Мб, mp4,
300x300, 6:02
50 1900244
houseum records.jpg184 Кб, 1200x900
51 1900247
Knee Deep – Nightbirds.webm5,7 Мб, webm,
640x360, 7:08
52 1900343
Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body (Home Made Mix).mp49,2 Мб, mp4,
640x480, 6:36
53 1900344

Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body (Home Made Mix)
25 hours, Original Mix by Tim Hanmann.mp47,8 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:25
54 1900394
Severino Horse Meat Disco - Bounce.mp46,3 Мб, mp4,
500x474, 5:54
55 1900470
Track Two by Tony Varnado from The Hard Hit EP Vol 1 (TV Records, 1994).mp48,3 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:48
56 1900478
Track Two
by Tony Varnado
from The Hard Hit EP Vol 1 (TV Records, 1994)
Harrison BDP - Easy Tiger.mp411,5 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:21
57 1900602
Lime Hawk by Jeigo from An Ode To Midnight (air miles, 2019).mp47,7 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:35
**Lime Hawk** by *Jeigo* 58 1900649
Lime Hawk
by Jeigo
from An Ode To Midnight (air miles, 2019)
Will Regan | Seeing Colours.mp415,3 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 6:50
59 1900678
Seeing Colours
by Will Regan

not on discogs
Orla by Mr. Freeze (Bizarre Trax, TAN004, 2022).mp45,3 Мб, mp4,
580x580, 5:05
61 1900758

Orla by Mr. Freeze (Bizarre Trax, TAN004, 2022)

not on discogs

has enough youtube views to publish it here on 2ch
Tuff Jam - Let Me Tell You, Latino Circus Saxy Dub.mp48,8 Мб, mp4,
600x590, 8:08
62 1900826
HATT.D - Every Day.mp411,9 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 4:55
HATT.D - Every Day 63 1900864
Wilda - Planet Vector.mp49,7 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 6:47
64 1900889
Mind Chariot by Lucho from Back 2 Me EP (Magic Carpet, RIDE10, 2022).mp41,7 Мб, mp4,
600x598, 1:30
65 1900901
Mind Chariot
by Lucho
from Back 2 Me EP (Magic Carpet, RIDE10, 2022)
Mind Chariot by Lucho from Back 2 Me EP (Magic Carpet, RIDE10, 2022).mp48,3 Мб, mp4,
600x598, 7:35
66 1900902

the full version
Midnite Touch – Stronger.mp410,4 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:42
67 1900927
Sidney Charles · Under Pleasure.mp412,9 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 7:19
68 1900969
Sidney Charles · Under Pleasure
Martina Acuna - I Wont Let You Get Away (Invada Throwndown Dub).mp417,8 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:37
69 1901079
I Won't Let You Get Away, Invada Throwndown Dub
by Martina Acuna
Sugar Daddy Records, 12 SD 007 (1998)
70 1901109
I Wanna
by Denyl Brook
(Happiness Therapy, HT12, 2022)

17,815 views since Jun 6, 2022
71 1901119
Feel Me
by Denyl Brook
(Happiness Therapy, HT12, 2022)

1,300 views since Jun 16, 2022
Dont You Want Me (New Vocals Mix).mp48,8 Мб, mp4,
500x502, 8:46
Dont You Want Me (New Vocals Mix) 72 1901158
Robert Aaron - Sax In The Ozone, Ozone Dub.mp44,9 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 4:31
73 1901192
The Tabledancers - Stay The Night (Dub Mix).mp411,8 Мб, mp4,
852x480, 8:37
74 1901303

The Tabledancers - Stay The Night (Dub Mix)
I Wonder Why.mp410,3 Мб, mp4,
640x480, 6:05
75 1901331
All Of A Sudden by Rony Seikaly.mp47,4 Мб, mp4,
660x636, 7:00
76 1901333
Frazer Campbell - Gazette 77 1901483
by Frazer Campbell
(Counterfeit Soul, COUNTERFEITSOUL 3, 2019)
34c6a511-8e1a-4d4c-962b-1e150a5ea790.jpg40 Кб, 257x308
80 1901634
Dancin by Casa Royale featuring Adela Martinez.webm6,1 Мб, webm,
600x600, 7:26
81 1901636
NESI - After Party.mp49,8 Мб, mp4,
540x360, 5:43
82 1901639

After Party
Tom Wax  Terry Lee Brown Junior - Straight Edge (Extended Mix).mp434,9 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:55
83 1901653
Tom Wax & Terry Lee Brown Junior - Straight Edge (Extended Mix)
GEIST presents No Panties featuring Young Blaze.mp45,1 Мб, mp4,
240x240, 5:09
84 1901698

GEIST presents No Panties featuring Young Blaze
lradio.png375 Кб, 670x346
85 1901764
Delta Space by Lunabass.mp46,6 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 5:51
86 1901795
Bona Fide - Momenat, Mollono.Bass Instrumental Mix.mp47,2 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 6:48
87 1901796
Momenat, Mollono.Bass Instrumental Mix
by Bona Fide
from Wiek EP (Acker Records, ACKER052, Germany, 2017)
Grand Central - Real Good (Roc n Kato Hard Remix).mp415,3 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:46
88 1901819
Real Good, Roc 'n' Kato Hard Remix
by Grand Central
(Slip 'n' Slide, SLIP 19, United Kingdom, 1995)
I Didnt Know (STRUT003, 1999).mp46,1 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 5:52
that famous unknown artist presents 89 1901834
I Didn't Know... by unknown artist

Strut, STRUT003, 1999
FROIDZ - Enjoy The Silence, FROIDZ Club Remix Edit.mp43,6 Мб, mp4,
600x450, 3:38
90 1901878

Enjoy The Silence, FROIDZ Club Remix Edit
by FROIDZ (Depeche Mode cover)
disco:wax, Promo CDr, Scandinavia, 2015
Rights by Patrick Topping.mp49,1 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 8:27
91 1901886
by Patrick Topping
Truesoul, TRUE1268, 2015
KLM - Wild-N-Wicked (1995).mp412,3 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 5:58
KLM - Wild-N-Wicked (1995) 92 1901927
Tiny Elvis - Thee Bass (1997).mp412,1 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 7:45
Tiny Elvis - Thee Bass (1997) 93 1901930
James Christian - Animal (1995).mp416,8 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 6:19
James Christian - Animal (1995) 94 1901932
professeur bubble · club 6 - HI (remix by edc  jamez in a room with a view somewhere in amsterdam).mp414,3 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 7:09
professeur bubble · club 6 - HI (edc jamez remix) 95 1901938
professeur bubble
club 6
remix by edc & jamez in a room with a view somewhere in amsterdam
#promo #houseum #fresh 96 1902039
Houseum Records, HSM011 "Deep Roots", 2023

will be released on March 31st (Vinyl) & May 5th (Digital)
Smokin Beats - Bang That Bang (2005).mp410,8 Мб, mp4,
854x480, 7:41
Smokin Beats - Bang That Bang (2005) 97 1902057
Dubtribe · Sunshine’s Theme (Sunshine’s Remix).mp48,6 Мб, mp4,
600x592, 8:09
98 1902058

Sunshine’s Theme (Sunshine’s Remix)
by Dubtribe
Organico, ORG 004, US, 1994
Making Love by Poetry  Rhythm featuring Lady D.mp49,9 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 9:19
99 1902114
Making Love
by Poetry & Rhythm featuring Lady D
Body Music, BM802, US, 2001
From The Ghetto, original mix by Heavy Pins, Saccao, Fat Cat Slim.mp48,4 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 4:56
100 1902186
From The Ghetto, original mix
by Heavy Pins & Saccao & Fat Cat Slim

from The Ghetto (KZ 020)

℗ 2015 KZ Records
Rock Da House 1 by De Zenk.mp46,4 Мб, mp4,
598x600, 6:18
101 1902244
Rock Da House 1
by De Zenk

from Stolen Goods EP
Pyjama Party, PP 003, Germany, 1999
Cellular by Johannes DJOKO Kolter.mp47,8 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:05
102 1902352
by Johannes "DJOKO" Kolter

Berg Audio, BERGAMON16 "Endless Explorations Pt. III," 2022
Simplex Motive - You.jpg460 Кб, 660x660
Simplex Motive - You (Jero Nougues Remix) 103 1902383

> 339 views since Mar 31, 2017 for almost 6 years

Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (2000 Freaks Mix).mp419,8 Мб, mp4,
640x480, 9:49
Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (2000 Freaks Mix) 104 1902395
Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (2000 Freaks Mix)
House Under The Moon - Direct Hit (Cevins Lethal Mix).jpg105 Кб, 789x691
105 1902407
>>902395 wow the really classic one

Cevin's Lethal Mix
of Direct Hit by House Under The Moon

>166 views since Jan 14, 2017 (more than 6 years ago)

℗ 2012 Nervous Records
DJ Antoine – Sound Of My Life 106 1902440
<— Rhythm Vocal Mix

<— DJ Antoine – Sound Of My Life (Rhythm Vocal Mix)

Label: Anvers Records – ANV 009
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1997
Genre: Electronic
Style: House
95 North - The Request (Funk Mix).mp411,3 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 8:53
107 1902484
>>898965>>899007 >>898835

Funk Mix of The Request by 95 North
music loop from sound of my life.mp4205 Кб, mp4,
500x500, 0:07
108 1902489
beat loop from sound of my life.mp4136 Кб, mp4,
500x524, 0:05
109 1902492
HITHOUSE - Jack To The Sound of The Underground.mp410,6 Мб, mp4,
640x480, 7:53
HITHOUSE - Jack To The Sound of The Underground 110 1902563
HITHOUSE - Jack To The Sound of The Underground
Extended Mix of Forgiven by Sylver.mp45,5 Мб, mp4,
592x596, 5:13
111 1902593
Original Extended Mix of "Forgiven" by Sylver

>>1902561 →
Dave de Luca - In My Life (2001).mp421 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 6:08
Dave de Luca - In My Life 112 1902601
Dave de Luca - In My Life
Twist vs Fun Bobby - Upside Down, Mix Two (B).mp46,6 Мб, mp4,
482x480, 6:25
113 1902604
the sunday of remixes ? mm'kay

Mix Two (B) of "Upside Down"
by Twist & Fun Bobby
(cover of the Diana Ross' track)

from Thumpin Vinyl, BASH 039
Mode to Joy remix of World In My Eyes.mp47,2 Мб, mp4,
600x598, 6:28
114 1902616
house flavor everywhere

Mode to Joy remix of Depeche Mode's "World In My Eyes"
Tomaz vs Filterheadz · More House, Original Enter Mix (digitized from SPOT 50 of Spot On Records).mp45 Мб, mp4,
600x400, 4:58
more house yet only for 2chmu 115 1902658
digitized by myself

Tomaz vs Filterheadz

More House
Original Enter Mix

digitized from SPOT 50 (Spot On Records)
let it all blow by cycle repair  inflight featuring noreen.mp48 Мб, mp4,
888x888, 6:40
let it all blow · yet only for 2ch|mu 116 1902665
digitized by myself

let it all blow
by cycle repair & inflight featuring noreen

digitized from Party Rebel EP
BBTQ 006, Bitboutique Records, 2005

pitch altered −3%

published for the first time on 2ch|mu
for promotion of this record and house music
Grand Canyon - I Have A Dream (dream001, 2001).mp414,8 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 8:30
Grand Canyon - I Have A Dream 117 1902850
Grand Canyon - I Have A Dream (dream001, 2001)
Joyfull Profile by Klix.mp49,1 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 6:10
#house 118 1902873
Soulizm - The Music (Vocal).mp48,8 Мб, mp4,
854x480, 8:03
#house 119 1902877
I Can Be Free by DJ On from funkishit (PLR-008, Pig Life Records, 1998).mp45,5 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 5:05
120 1902947
I Can Be Free
by DJ On

from funkish'it PLR-008, Pig Life Records, France, 1998
Wish U Were Here, Envy Mix by John Creamer and Stephanie K.mp47,7 Мб, mp4,
600x594, 7:35
#unofficial #house 121 1903057
Wish U Were Here, Envy Mix
by John Creamer & Stephanie K

from WISH 001 (Unofficial Release), 2003
Macaco, Mollono.Bass remix by Jacob Groening  Kyrill  Redford.mp49,4 Мб, mp4,
480x480, 5:21
122 1903090

Macaco, Mollono.Bass remix
composers Jacob Groening & Kyrill & Redford
123 1903112
MOLLONO.BASS @ 3000GRAD on Board
Baggy Bukaddor – V.I.P. 124 1903241
Baggy Bukaddor – V.I.P.

Label: Sonic City – SOCI-0006-6
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33⅓ RPM
Country: Germany
Released: 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Tribal

(A) Club Mix
(AA1) B-Mix
(AA2) Acappella
Deep George part 5.jpg308 Кб, 876x1000
125 1903326
The Best House Tracks from Deep George's Collection part 5 (vinyl only)
Revivis - Reset.mp412 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 6:34
Revivis - Reset 126 1903329
Revivis - Reset
Smokin Beats vs Fast Eddie · Yo Yo Get Funky (Mix 1).mp47,3 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:07
Fast Eddie’s “Yo Yo Get Funky” — Smokin Beats’ mix 1 127 1903423
Smokin Beats vs Fast Eddie
Yo Yo Get Funky, mix 1

from FE 1, UK, 2003
Phillip Damiens Tronic Groove remix of Move It (To The Rhythm) by Technotronic.mp48,6 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:54
128 1903467
Phillip Damien's Tronic Groove remix
Move It (To The Rhythm)
by Technotronic
EDX  Leon Klein - Private Weet Grooves (track A1).mp48,1 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:51
EDX Leon Klein - Private Weet Grooves 129 1903472
Turku - Tacaneala electronica.mp46,9 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 6:14
Turku - Tacaneala electronica 130 1903486
Turku - Tacaneala electronica
Vytamin - Test Section Disk.mp45,7 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 6:10
Vytamin - Test Section Disk 131 1903555
Dave Spoon · Steels 132 1903618

Dave Spoon

✓ Catz ’n Dogz remix
✓ Extended mix
Infinity by Nuboy.mp46,5 Мб, mp4,
598x598, 6:00
133 1903727
by Nuboy

WEEK 011, Weekend Records, Spain, 2000
Shosa by Holo from Technicolour EP.mp45,3 Мб, mp4,
688x688, 5:00
Holo - Shosa 134 1903835
Hardtrax presents Dance and Sing, The Tweekin Freakin Mix.mp48,3 Мб, mp4,
596x600, 7:25
135 1903839
Dance & Sing, The Tweekin Freakin Mix
by Hardtrax

SR 12511, Strictly Rhythm, US, 1997
Loop Du Jour - You And I.mp48,8 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 8:23
Loop Du Jour - You And I 136 1903875
Loop Du Jour – U & I

Glitterball Records – glitterball 012
Vinyl, 12"

A1 You And I


House, Disco
Only for DJs 138 1903955
My Money
by Mee-Ra,
Watermoon House Remix
programmed and mixed by DJ Maui & Peppone

Mee-Ra – The Mixes
BEV Music, 0002039-6, Germany, 1999

(A) My Money, Watermoon House Remix
Sons Of Maria · Solero (original mix).mp411,2 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 6:02
Sons Of Maria · Solero 140 1904110
Sons Of Maria · Solero (original mix)
Florian Kruse et Hendrik Burkhard · Move In Slow Motion.mp411,9 Мб, mp4,
854x480, 5:04
Move In Slow Motion 141 1904320
Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard · Move In Slow Motion
Pancake · Don’t Turn Your Back.mp419,5 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 6:41
Pancake · Don’t Turn Your Back 142 1904421
Pancake · Don’t Turn Your Back
143 1904507
All Nite Squeeze
by MaUVe

from Retro Rhythms Vol 2 VU510, Ultra Vinyl, UK, 2000
C-Mos - 2 Million Ways (Axwell Remix) 144 1904626
145 1904709
Funky Disco House Mix - Amii Watson b2b Jimmi Harvey

We are Amii and Jimmi, two house-heads catching as many flavours and experiences as possible on our trip as nomad Djs. In this DJ set you find a selection of funky, disco, nu-disco, indie dance and soulful house tracks.

@ Ναυάγιο Δημήτριου, Χερσόνησος Μάνης, Πελοπόννησος
@ Dimitrios Shipwreck, Mani peninsula, Peloponnese

includes the original mix of "For The Love of House" >>904035

was found here >>1904006 →
City Soul Project remix of Believe by StePa (ITA).mp48,1 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 6:18
StePa (ITA) - Believe, City Soul Project remix 146 1905303
City Soul Project remix
of Believe
by StePa (ITA)

how dœst thou feel?— 147 1905621
Never Felt This Way
by Knight Keys,
Behrouz & Andy Caldwell Toronto remix

from Never Felt This Way 2 x 12" (SHI026, Shinichi, Jan 2004)
Waves by Redanka, King Unique remix.mp47,7 Мб, mp4,
598x600, 7:12
148 1905847
by Redanka, King Unique remix

from Waves (King Unique Remixes) RIP 030, Rip Records, UK, Jun 2005
149 1905921
Prax Paris & Joe S(m)ooth

Promised Land
DJ Joe K extended remix

from Promised Land 12"GLG 008111, GLG Production, Belgium, Mar 2008
150 1905928
Joe Smooth feat. Anthony Thomas "Promised Land"
Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Floorplan Paradise Remix)
151 1905946
Никогда не мог вкатиться в электронную музыку. В основном слушаю панк и эмо
Vijay  Sofia Zlatko, Anas.A ft Kasúal – Eternité.mp48,6 Мб, mp4,
720x720, 6:45
Vijay Sofia - Eternité 152 1906047
Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Anas.A ft Kasúal – Eternité
Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (GarrJ Bootleg).mp413,5 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 4:32
153 1906050
you’re welcome

<——— some emo pop punk house is there l👀kin’ on you
154 1906152
Не понравилось. Из электронной музыки, только такое нравилось
Knight Keys - Never Felt This Way (Urbantorque).mp424,4 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 9:57
155 1906312

Urbantorque remix
156 1906315
>>906152 wooow, I never heard them before, and to appreciate your taste, let "Ki-Iro" retain here



Get Version by Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup

from An Antworten EP ( )
sexy boy beat loop.mp4155 Кб, mp4,
500x300, 0:07
157 1906479

петли играют бесшовно теперь, дары
loops are played seamlessly now, thanks

>>899080>>1899129 →
158 1906601
Я этот альбом через бэндкамп блог нашел по случайности. Как тебе вторая ссылка? Из Японии
BICEP | JUST.mp48,2 Мб, mp4,
1280x720, 6:08
BICEP | JUST BICEP 159 1907189
Matthew Dekay ‎– If I Could Fly (original).mp411,1 Мб, mp4,
584x598, 10:00
160 1907797
161 1907898
This House Music
Don Carlos

from The Cool Deep Mixes (FFORUS 004, Flash Forward, Italy, Oct 2018)

seen in the neighbor thread
R-792955-1389810930-4350.jpg152 Кб, 600x554
162 1907922

looks like I finally found it there

the first impression was "uvhoow scary, well enough for the soundtrack of diablo game" heh
Ricardo 22He Did22 Rueda - A Donde Vamos.mp48,4 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:58
163 1907932
A Donde Vamos
Ricardo "He Did" Rueda

from El Cielo en la Tierra EP (S&DLTD005, Saint & Don't Music, Peru, Jun 2022)
Gavinco · Homage.mp419,8 Мб, mp4,
640x360, 4:39
Gavinco · Homage #houseum 164 1908188
165 1908217
>>898721 (OP)
Это ты то уёбище из пси, которое работать не хочет?
Pablo Fierro · Aight 166 1908367
Pablo Fierro ~ Aight
Tasos Markakis Caldera Sunset Remix
Spacedust - Good Things.mp49,6 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 9:19
167 1908452
Good Things
by Spacedust

from "Unreleased Project" (Space 002, UK, 1998)
168 1908620
Nick Beringer

Back for More

from Enter The Love Club Volume 1 (MLC 06, Midnight Love Club, Jun 2013)
Jaydee · Plastic Dreams (original long version).mp412 Мб, mp4,
640x480, 10:16
170 1908651
Jaydee · Plastic Dreams (original long version)

this tune has the power of entirely filling a dance floor with just the first three notes
Aly-Us - Follow Me, club mix (1992).mp47,4 Мб, mp4,
480x360, 6:12
Aly-Us - Follow Me 171 1908680
Aly-Us - Follow Me
club mix
#house #classics #chicago #trax 172 1908688
Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It

Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body
[The House Music Anthem] (1986)

Frankie Knuckles - Your Love
(the original 1987 version)
tmor.mp4807 Кб, mp4,
720x720, 0:10
173 1908702
Yipalo by Ribas Abbas.mp420,4 Мб, mp4,
1080x1080, 5:47
(l👀ks n h👂s) russ🇷🇺ian 174 1908957
aye–waye | ай–вай
the cat has | у кота
lullaby made of gold | колыбелька золотой
and the little baby has | а у дитятки мало́й
yipalo tsche probably “a some better” than that | ипало тше того

~ “Yipalo”
by Ribas Abbas
Руки Вверх! · Малыш (Raise Your Hands! · Lil’Child).mp43,8 Мб, mp4,
600x470, 3:46
🇷🇺 euro house 175 1908960
B.B.E.– Seven Days And One Week (1999).mp48,8 Мб, mp4,
598x600, 8:43
176 1909242
B.B.E.– Seven Days And One Week
nōpi “mayaya”.mp47,6 Мб, mp4,
500x500, 6:56
nōpi “mayaya” 177 1909450
nōpi “mayaya”
Space - Carry On, Turn Me On (Architeq Version from TIRK049, 2009).mp45 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 4:32
178 1909496
Space - Carry On, Turn Me On
(Architeq Version from TIRK049, 2009)

special thanks go to >>1909239 →
179 1909557
Как же я люблю саунд в электронной музыке но ненавижу дебильный ритм. Мне что сэмплы слушать?
I’m Gonna Love You by Summer Junkies.mp45,2 Мб, mp4,
300x294, 5:27
180 1909777
I’m Gonna Love You
by Summer Junkies

ROWT 96005, Ruff On Wax Recordings, UK, 1996

house music with places without beat is commonly dubbed as trance
181 1909795

Попробуй подобное.

Factor B - Sacrosanct (Factor B's Chillin' In Stratos Mix)
Above & Beyond - Sun In Your Eyes
Labworks - Ibiza Sunrise (Hidden Sun Chillout Mix)
пара моих собственных древних коротких тестов идей по обыгрыванию этой мелодии: и
No Mercy - Missing (Acapella Version) - за этим придется сходить на рутрекер, на ютубе нету - несмотря на название, там не просто чистый вокал, но и другие инструменты


House music has breakdowns just as often as trance (from similar time period) does.
Levenshulme Orphanage For Boys, original mix by Flash Atkins.mp48,7 Мб, mp4,
1000x1000, 6:24
182 1910216
Levenshulme Orphanage For Boys, original mix by Flash Atkins

183 1910245
году в 2015 слышал в быдлотакси трек со словами читки "ке паса, ке паса, чётотам аффирматив" или что-то вроде. очень подозреваю, что это кто-то типа "Dj Aligator - Doggy Style (По-собачьи) (Russian Version)", фразы с таким же густым русским акцентом, хотя он иранец, такого же низкого качества музяка, видимо электро хаус?
сам я такое не ем, но мне надо щас послушать почему-то, сложный путь мысли
184 1910343
Алигатор хоть и датчанин-иранец, но мужской голос в его древних треках - это не он. И классика "клубняка" из начала 00-х, Doggy Style, Whistle Song, Davaj Davaj со Вспышкиным и т.п. - это (самый попсовый край спектра) хард-транса, а не электро-хаус. Электро-хаус - совсем в другую степь.

(по твоему запросу все равно хз, но мб как-то поможет определиться с направлениями поиска)
chris stussy, dj ebali 185 1910721
djebali presents Chris Stussy · Charisma (DJEBPR008)

chris stussY + Djebali · Komodo (DJEBEX07)

For The Music by Chris Stussy not on vinyl

the photo with Chris Stussy (Niels Steenbergen)
Whatudo by Chris Stussy + Toman (track B1 from META006).mp48,2 Мб, mp4,
600x600, 7:07
187 1911297
>>911030 reupload
188 1911298
Kastis Torrau vocal remix
Catch 23
by Donatello & Shane Blackshaw

194-SRV, Stripped Recordings, UK, Feb 2017
Breathe by Télépopmusik, extended mix.mp417,3 Мб, mp4,
596x600, 7:16
Breathe by Télépopmusik, extended mix (7:16) 190 1911415
extended mix
( Christophe Hetier, Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri )

TELEPOP-1, EMI Music Canada, 2001
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